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10 Benefits to Exercising with a Body Vibration Machine

Tired of doing the same fitness routines? Is it always going to be jumping jacks and push-ups? Will you have to jog every day for a few hours? Or is it going to the gym as often as you can and lifting weights? These and more have been proven to be effective in promoting and maintaining physical fitness and well-being. There are people, however, that are unable to do these activities but still want to lead a healthy lifestyle. As much as they want to run, jog, jump, lift, and more, sometimes, their own physical bodies simply can’t take such strenuous activities.

A good alternative for these people is whole body vibration. Now, this may sound and feel funny at first, but unbeknown to many, using a body vibration machine has loads of health benefits, many of which can help promote fitness and maintain. Here are 10 of them that you should know.

Body Vibration Machine

Decreases Weight

Who knew that simply stepping on a body vibration machine can substantially help you lose weight? Studies have shown that people who’ve incorporated this weight loss equipment into their own fitness regimes have lost about an average of 10.5% of their total body weight. While the exercise may seem too simple and stationary, it actually helps you increase your weight loss akin to how jogging a mile does so. In fact, both exercises can co-exist in a fitness routine to really help you shed off those few extra pounds.

Lessens Cortisol Levels

Cortisol, more of than not, affects your metabolism in a way that you increase weight instead of decrease it through various exercises. However, certain body vibration machines help target cortisol and to decrease the levels it in your body. In turn, it will regulate your metabolism to a better state and avoid the risk of obesity. This is why this weight loss machine has proven to be effective for many people.

Strengthens Your Muscles

Stepping onto a body vibration machine is like getting a massage for your muscles. In certain frequencies, the vibration helps your muscles relax and free off tensions so that when you step down, they’ll be extremely rejuvenated. It’s sort of taking your muscles for a short nap, letting the vibration smooth them on to a relaxing state despite your body still moving. And even when you perform various exercises while on the weight loss machine, such as squatting or lunging, your muscles will still feel refreshed and re-energized by the end of the session.

Toughens Your Bones

Your bones are often in need of minerals to strengthen them. This is why milk, full of calcium that strengthens the bones, is good for you. Similarly, the increase of mineral bone density is also one of many body vibration machine benefits. Even though your bones are technically moving while you’re on the machine, they’re not necessarily undergoing any strenuous activities. This makes your bones, especially your legs, that much stronger and tougher. Consequently, this will also lessen your risk of contracting various bone-damaging illnesses, such as osteoporosis and scoliosis.

Speeds Up Recovery from Injury

It can’t be mentioned enough that body vibration machines are like massage chairs for the whole body. Just by standing on them, your body can feel re-energized and refreshed but also speed up the recovery process for injuries. Firstly, since the exercise isn’t a strenuous activity, it’s one of the few that injured individuals can still do while they’re recovering. And as the weight loss equipment vibrates the entire the body, so do all the muscles and tissues heal at the same time. Before you know it, you’d have recovered and fully-cured days, weeks, or even months before you were expected to.

Makes You Flexible

When you’re on a body vibration machine and you stretch, you might find that you’re able to hold such elongated poses for much longer than when you’re simply on the ground. This is because another body vibration machine benefit is that it makes your body that much more flexible, whether on or off it. The vibrations emanating from these machines will stimulate your body’s joints, making them calmer and less cramped as compared to staying stationary. This, in turn, makes them comfortable enough to be stretch to their limits for longer periods of time. What would normally be a 30-second stretch can lead to a minute and a half while on a body vibration machine.

Reduces Cellulite

Perhaps the littlest benefit a body vibration machine can give to your body is the reduction of cellulite. The exercise equipment doesn’t necessarily directly affect that part of the body, but its other benefits help achieve decrease it. Cellulite is the product of weak fibers in the collagen of certain body parts. The vibration, however, will keep them strong and molded. this results to smooth, wrinkle-free skin, and in turn, substantial loss of cellulite. While it’s not certain that it will have the same effects on other parts of the body that are prone to wrinkles, cellulite-loss has been proven to be a bonus benefit of body vibration machines.

Encourage Mobility

Staying stationary for a long period of time can have harmful effects on your overall physicality. Similarly, the strenuous exercise one does each day, if pushed too far, can lead to the same or even more drastic consequences. Thus, body vibration provides an equilibrium between the two extremes, as well as improving your mobility. Even though you’re not intentionally moving, your body is. And the movement it’s experiencing while on this weight loss equipment doesn’t overstimulate and tire your muscles out. This why this exercise machine is best for the elderly, who are more at risk of suffering from immobility.

Improves Blood Flow

Vibrations your body goes through on this type of exercise machine are made up of rhythmic contractions. These are the same ones that encourage blood circulation among your muscles. In turn, another body vibration machine benefit is a good of your blood throughout different parts of your body. Furthermore, vibrations help enlarge your body’s capillaries, making it easier for blood to circulate through even the smallest of tissues. This helps make the muscles more energized, which is another benefit altogether.

Reduces Stress

Let’s face it, exercising can be stressful at times, but not with a good body vibration machine. Just by simply standing on it and letting it vibrate your entire body, you’ll feel as relaxed and as energized as after getting a massage. This weight loss equipment reduces stress by simply helping your body relax, which will lead to a calmer and more peaceful mental state.

Don’t let the newness of body vibration machines ruin it for you. This equipment is a tried and tested way of promoting and maintaining physical fitness and well-being without your body having to suffer a great deal. At the end of the day, what’s important is that you and your body are extremely healthy and fit!

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