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4 Excellent Reasons for Wainscoting Your Walls

When you are not a professional interior designer, it’s hard to imagine how materials and colors will convey the message you want to pass with decorations and renovations. It gets even harder when it comes to wall renovations. To wainscot or not? If you go for it, how much is too much wainscoting? And which colors and combinations will make the statements you want to give without overpowering the room? Awful questions come to haunt you at night, right?

We are in favor of wainscoting design ideas. After all, there are so many styles and profiles to choose from, you can play with combinations and dress up every wall in the house without worrying about overdoing it.

Wainscoting Your Walls

With so many choices, wainscoting panels change the looks of each room

If beadboard wainscoting panels are too country-like for your house, you can always choose flat boards. From a recessed to a raised and flat board, you have choices. And then, the looks of each room will change based on whether you cover half, 1/3, 2/3 or the entire wall. The impression each room will give also depends on the colors you choose for both the wainscoted part of the wall and the remaining portion above the board. So, it’s not one-size-fits-all. And that’s why you can use wainscots all over the home.

See 4 good reasons for wainscoting the walls

Whether you go for a low or tall modern wainscoting panel, the covered part of the wall will be protected. So the prime reason for wainscoting the walls is the traditional, practical purposes of such boards: to offer protection to the walls – from furniture, shoes etc.

Speaking about practical reasons for wainscoting installation, don’t forget that such boards enhance the home’s insulation and protect walls from water too.

A wainscot panel will give you the opportunity to play with colors and wall decorations. You can install wallpaper in the remaining portion, paint the wall the same color with the wainscot, choose a contrast color, or paint the wainscot but keep the chair rail and baseboard white to match the white crown molding. In any case, you will be able to make a bold statement and differentiate one room from the other.

See 4 good reasons for wainscoting the walls

What’s your intention with such renovations and wainscoting ideas? Do you want a touch of traditionalism to your super modern home? Do you want to put some interest on your walls without allowing them to dominate? Depending on which wainscot you use and of which height, you can make your statement. From raised to beadboard panels, each one is beautiful and thus it will enhance the elegance of the room. And let me tell you, one of the advantages of wainscots is that they will suit any style and will actually accentuate the looks of the space. They bring texture and architectural interest in the house and give the impression of neatness.

When you choose the right flat or bead board in terms of height, you enlarge the room. Wainscots look great in tall rooms. But if your ceiling is not high, you can still install a wainscot just lower. AlexMoulding offered so many patterns that can be used for any home renovation.

How much wainscoting is too much wainscoting?

The secret to succeeding in any wainscoting design project is to make the right choices from the start. If you choose right in terms of style, color, and height, there is no such a thing as too much wainscoting! You can wainscot every single wall in the house without overstuffing it.

How much wainscoting is too much wainscoting

A few tips to help you with your wainscoting installation projects

Choose a wainscoting panel that would match the style and character of the room. A beadboard is an excellent choice for the bathrooms while flat panels would go well in dining rooms and living rooms. Be practical. When you choose materials, invest in wainscotings to cover the needs of each room. For instance, select water resistant or water proof materials for the bathroom, basement or kitchen.

White colors always enlarge the room. But dark colors add depth. Remember to match the ceiling molding with the rest of the trims. And don’t forget that dark colors might shrink a room, especially if it’s not large or well illuminated. If you choose to install wallpaper above the board, pick a neutral color for the board so that it won’t attract all the attention.

Don’t go too high with the board panels unless you want to cover the entire wall or have a very high ceiling. The recipe for successful wainscot installations is to keep the boards low. So, to answer the question: to wainscot or not? Go ahead and wainscot. Just pay attention to your choices and plan well your coloring decisions to make each room one and only.

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