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5 Window Designs for Your Bedroom

When it comes to window designs and treatments, there are many options for you to explore within your space. The bedroom area is the perfect place to have a custom look that you can enjoy in your home. From beautiful swag treatments to custom window seating, you have several choices for making your bedroom even more relaxing than you could ever imagine. Little design details can go a long way in determining the feel of the space and the bedroom is no exception. Check out the tips below to maximize the windows in your bedroom.

Window Seating The perfect way to make your bedroom a cozy retreat is to add window seating. If you have a small window area in the home or even a bay window, this is the perfect spot for custom seating. You can create window seating on a budget by adding a small bench to create the look of a window seat. Or if your budget allows, spend extra time and money creating custom window seat where you can overlook your property while you enjoy a good book and cup of coffee.

Window Designs for Your Bedroom

Dramatic Window Treatments If you want a more dramatic effect in the bedroom for romance or esthetic, chose to add a full window treatment to the windows and or French doors of your bedroom space. With dramatic window treatments, you will have fabrics that go from the floor to the ceiling and give the space grandeur feel. Select deep tones such as wine or even black for the most dramatic statement. Silk and satin draperies will have a more luxurious feel while cotton provides a more traditional statement.

Custom Blinds Instead of fabric for window treatments, you might want to consider custom blind options. With custom blinds, you can have a unique and quality look to your windows that will not only lock in heat and cool air but also help to prevent the sunlight from entering the space as you so choose. From bamboo blinds to California shutters, you have many options that will give your bedroom a unique look that you are sure to enjoy.

Sheer Options for a romantic look in the bedroom, you should consider sheer window treatments. Sheer curtains are see-through and gauzy, providing romance and intimacy in the bedroom. With sheer window treatments, it is best to go with neutral tones, particularly white. With white sheers, you can layer your window treatments for a dramatic effect with multiple shades or fabrics. You can get more info on designs of sheer window treatments by conducting color searches online.

Floor to Ceiling Windows for the most dramatic look in your bedroom, consider installing floor to ceiling windows. With this option, you will be able to view your property and enjoy the outdoors from your bedroom. Floor to ceiling windows make the area seem larger and can provide optimal lighting to space. This can be an expense to change the windows in the home and a budget should be considered for such an undertaking.

Once you have installed this option, you will have the choice of leaving the windows open or covering them. You can use any of the options above to cover the windows including custom blinds, window coverings, sheers and more. For the most dramatic look, use sheers spaced between the windows from the ceiling to the floor to enhance the large windows and make the space appear larger.

No matter what option you choose, be sure that you enjoy the look and feel of your space. And remember, changing up your design is easy as window treatments are a low-cost expense for the home!

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