All about the Breath Taking Black Pearl Jewelry

Over the years people have always fancied the charisma of pearls. Be it black or white pearls, this precious ornament have always found its way to amuse people with its natural beauty. However, pearls of black shade are the most chased after due to its elegance. The general shape of this pearl is spherical but is also available in oblong and dew drop shapes.

Tahiti Islands produce a variety of these exotic black pearls. Pearls are normally white in color but there are even black shades of it. These bold colored pearls are produced by black edged oysters. These pearls tend to appear bigger than normal pearls which are white in color. The reason behind this is the oysters which produce these black pearls are much bigger and their shape is also a bit different.

The stone does not only come in that old boring black color. It comes in all shades and tones of blue, green, red, etc which gives the ultimate royal look to it. As compared to white whites they are more valuable and pricy due to their elegant texture and royal look. It takes more than 2+ years to develop and refine black pearls.

Breath Taking Black Pearl Jewelry

Black pearl jewelry: A fascinating History

The history behind this jewelry is very amusing and interesting. The ancient Asian emperors would love to wear these pearls to sport the royal and elegant look. This jewelry signifies hope and rejuvenation.

This history of black pearls caught the attention of the modern jewelers. The jewelry started to attract a huge fan following across the globe due to its symbol for class, contemporaneity, and lucidity.

This precious pearl is responsible for casting alluring jewelry earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, brooches, and even cufflinks. They can also be used to accessorize jewelry boxes, hats, belts, handbags, and purses. This gemstone is used in classic as well as modern designs which are suitable for the taste of everyone. This alluring pearl is considered as a symbol of status.

Therefore, if you are planning to gift someone something which is very elegant, then a black pearl jewelry is the best option.

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