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Anti-Ageing withIGF-1

Everyone grows from childhood to old age and die irrespective of religion and race. Humans have always attempted to either delay the process of aging by various means. Numerous researches have been conducted by the medical community to identify a chemical or gene or a combination thereof which might shed light to longevity and anti-ageing. Near about the 1970s scientists have ascertained that a protein called, somatomedin C, is responsible for the growth of the cell in general in our body. This protein was named IGF-1 or otherwise called as Insulin-like Growth Factor 1. Since the molecule resembled that of the chemical Insulin, for want of a name, they termed it as IGF-1

How it works

IGF-1 is produced in the liver as an endocrine hormone and target tissues. Its production help in regulating the Growth Hormone (GH) in our body. When GH is released into the blood stream, IGF-1 binds it to their receptors, which are present in almost all cell types, to stimulate growth. This growth is found to be in cartilage, muscle, bone, kidney, nerves, skin and lungs. IGF-1 is the key ingredient in a cell to start the cell growth proliferation and potentially inhibits programmed cell death.

Anti-Ageing withIGF-1

Medicinal Uses

Since IGF-1 is related to growth mainly, it helps in replenishing old cells and help to grow new cells. This almost is like anti-ageing and gives a rejuvenated look to the user. Since this acts on almost all cell types, the medical benefits are for the whole body. When it acts on the nerve cells, it increases brain function. When acted on bone and skin, it promotes muscle and tendon growth and bone density. With a good bone density and muscular growth, it can be used for body building combined with a good exercise regime. It’s thought to have to help hand in decreasing anti- inflammation and autoimmunity. A slightly increased level of IGF-1 helps in preventing cardiac arrests.

Some natural food items that can boost the IGF-1 level are numerous dairy products, animal meat, and liver of those animals. Another natural source is horns of deer (Velvet antler).


Proteins are very much essential for muscular growth and if the naturally available quantity is low, it can be boosted by the consumption of IGF-1 via tablets. Like any medicine, care should be taken to keep the dosage at the optimal and safe level.  Higher levels of IGF-1 and unregulated consumption may lead increased risk towards prostate, lung and colorectal cancer in men and in women, breast cancer. Also, it’s found to inhibit certain anti-cancer drugs. So, care should be taken and when needed, seek a medical doctor’s advice. Acne is another side effect of excess IGG-1 in our body.


When IGF-1 produced in the liver is found to be lower than normal level, try to boost it with natural dietary food. In case it’s insufficient, resort to tablets manufactured by reputed companies. This may help you in looking young and building a muscular body with a good memory. Use it wisely and cautiously to have a long-lasting effect.

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