Can A Pet Dog Really Help In Improving Individual’s Health?

For many pet lovers, twice-daily walks with their canine companion are one of their favorite activities. A report released by the American Heart Association (AHA) in 2015 kind of certified its benefits. Believe it or not, people who have a dog in their life are lesser prone to heart diseases.

American Heart Association made this conclusion after studying all the available data and came out with results that show the link between a pet dog and its owner’s physical as well as mental health.

People who own a pet dog live longer

Harvard Heart Letter’s Co-Editor Dr. Thomas Lee interacted with journalists and shared his opinion on this matter. He pointed out that dog lovers live longer compared to people who have a pet cat. Individuals who have a dog tend to be more active because of their four-legged friend. Due to the emotional benefits offered by the pet, dog lovers live longer.

Individual’s Health

AHA’s study released in 2015 offers some interesting details. It indicated that dog owners develop the capacity to survive a heart attack, deal with low blood pressure in a better way, exercise regularly and have a better cholesterol profile.

While sharing details about the research, cardiologist Dr. Lee also spoke about the possibility that mostly healthier people opt for a canine companion and perhaps, unhealthy individuals don’t.

Overall, the panel behind this research pointed out that in spite of the other possibility, they would recommend opting for pet ownership.

Earlier studies did show the link

As part of another study in 2001, researchers had divided 48 participants into two groups. People in the first group adapted a cat or dog and individuals in the other group did not opt for a pet. After six months, scientists found that people who opted for pets reported lower blood pressure even while performing a stressful activity.

Result for a study conducted in 1995 was probably the first one that clearly highlighted the benefits of pet ownership. Participants facing cardiovascular disease were selected and divided into two groups. People in group one were given dogs as pets while the other group opted for cats. After one year, individuals with dogs as pet showed signs of better health compared to people who opted for a pet cat.

However, this does not mean that every person concerned about his or her heart health needs to opt for a dog. Pet cannot prove to be a substitute for medical care or exercise plan. One should not get a pet specifically to reduce cardiovascular risk. They offer multiple health benefits, but should not be looked at as a medicine.

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