Few Memory Techniques to Get Success In Life

Success is an essential part of human life! All of us want to be successful in our ventures. Have you ever wondered what holds some people back from being successful while others bear the fruit of success quite early in life! It is our brain that causes the difference.

The retention abilities of our mind play successful role in defining our success in life. But you can always train your brain to help you take you on the path of success. In this article we will provide your some fun filled memory techniques that will help you in attaining invincible success in life through genuine efforts.

The memory techniques make us see beyond our genetics and their limitations. These are also called as mnemonics which can be utilised to effectively use the power of our brain.

Few Memory Techniques

Linking and associating:

Have you played the game of flash cards with small kids?

When you show them flash cards, they always answer with a few link of their own past with the object mentioned in the card. For example, show them apple and they will tell you when they ate apple last and whether they like it or not!

Well, linking and associating the facts with each other should be encouraged. When our brain starts memorising things by linking them with the objects around us, it becomes easier for the retention time to get longer. This is why the modern classrooms have become smart classes. When the students see the pictures and associate them with real life concepts, they find it easier to remember and understand.

Memory exercises:

There are various exercises we can do to enhance our memorising abilities. It is one of the best memory techniques to boost the functioning our brain. Enlisted are a few memory exercises that help in keeping our memories intact and brain gains strength and stability:

  • Learn a new skill
  • Acquire new language
  • Play music on your favourite instrument
  • Sing a new song
  • Write what you want to retain for longer
  • Draw out maps
  • Tell stories of your experiences to people
  • Appreciate the food that you eat and discuss about the ingredients to memorise them
  • Watch and play a new game or sport and let your body rejoice the new movements through it

Play brain games:

Brain teasers and other games are a fantastic memory technique. You get to learn things the fun way. The mind retains the things in much better way when some fun element is added to its activities. There can be numerous games such as crossword puzzles, Sudoku, riddles, jigsaw puzzles and a few other brain games.

Brain yoga:

Brain yoga is a new concept to the modern lifestyle; however, its existence as a memory technique is from decades. This type of yoga improves the stability, harmony and remembering power of the mind. It is very simple to do brain yoga.

So you must have noticed that our brain can be trained and imparted the right kind of knowledge in order to be prepared for better performances and retaining power. Therefore, use these techniques as mentioned above and keep working towards the goal of attaining better memory power. This will help us to attain the maximum potential of our brain.

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