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How to Choose a Vacuum Cleaner 

I thought to buy a vacuum cleaner was about selecting the most admirable designs, but I realized it wasn’t as easy as it seemed. Buying a vacuum cleaner requires that you take your time to select the best machine so that it has most of the specs that are consistent with your needs.

Let me warn you that there are the variety of vacuum cleaners brands available in retail stores might confuse you. From my experience, I can attest that the most admirable machines do not always have the most important elements. Below are some of the elements that I recommend you check when you are looking for a good vacuum cleaner.

Choose a Vacuum Cleaner 

Canister, Upright, or Stick Vacuum Cleaners
Upright vacuum cleaners are so far the most popular ones because they are ideal for a home setting for both carpeted floors and hard ones. The upright vacuum cleaners are easy to move around or steer in spacious rooms. Furthermore, some people use them to clean their offices. The features you need to look at are power cord length, height adjustment, and suction. On the other hand, if you have a bare floor or a light carpet, you might want to go for a canister vacuum cleaner. The stick vacuum cleaner is good for a smooth floor and a smaller room; it is lightweight and hence allows you to clean every corner of your room.

The purpose of a vacuum cleaner will naturally dictate the kind of elements you would be looking for in a vacuum cleaner. Remember that if you want a device for industrial use, you need a heavy duty machine that is high-powered enough to perform the job. For residential use, a light to a medium powered machine would do a good job.

Bagged or Bagless
If you have an allergy you should probably purchase a bagged vacuum cleaner that taps even the tiniest dust particles on the floors and carpets. On the other hand, bagless canisters can return dust and other allergens to the surfaces, which may be detrimental to an individual with an allergy. In my case, I had to choose a bagged device with extra filters because of my frequent cleaning needs.

The Best Vacuum Cleaners
If you have not lately shopped for a vacuum cleaner, you may be surprised to discover that Dysons vacuum cleaners have been surpassed by the Shark Vacuum cleaner according to reports by several research firms. Though, the Shark vs Dyson cordless vacuum machine debate is an endless one that has seen consumers and other stakeholders take sides on the best between the two.

However, the shark takes the lead in corded stick, bagless, and handheld vacuums ahead of its closest competitors such as Bissel, Hoover, Dyson, and even Kenmore. I am impressed by the reliability, performance, and the competitive price that the best shark vacuum cleaners have and I can recommend the machine to anyone at any time. There are three of the brand’s models that I feel I should highlight so that you have an easier time choosing a vacuum machine.

Shark Navigator Powered Lift-Away NV586
This is a bagless upright vacuum cleaner that you would purchase anytime you would have a chance. This model is so far leading and it competes closely with the Dyson Ball Animal model. It does a good job on hardwood floors and even carpeted floors and this flexibility is what attracts the consumer.

Shark Rotator Powered Lift-Away XL Capacity NV755
This shark model is especially convenient for big spaces, it has a capacity of 0.89 gallons and its card length is approximately 4 feet. It can easily be converted from handheld to an upright canister or you can choose to use it as a full wheel canister depending on the intended purpose. This feature has come out as the most desirable details that matter for a consumer.

Shark Rocket Complete with DuoClean HV308
This is a heavyweight stick canister that has an upper had on the popular upright canisters due to its stellar performance. The model has excelled greatly in pest hair suction, bare floor cleaning, and also CR carpets. Its dual-brush roll is also an icing on the cake. Though this model might be a bit costly as compared to other stick shark or Dyson canisters; however, remember spending too less might compromise the quality of cleaning.


Selecting a vacuum cleaner can be a difficult affair if you don’t have a hint on how they should be selected. As seen above, they are chosen according to the exact need that you want satisfied. For instance, industrial vacuum cleaners depend on certain aspects such as the type of spill, while for residential rooms you need to consider the size of your apartment. I hope that the article has helped you a great deal in making a wise and informed choice.

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