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Monstrous Bodies of Bodybuilders

As my usual visit to the gym, I noticed a group of newcomers with averagely built bodies. Well, I assumed that they are here because they want to maintain a healthy lifestyle. The same reason I diligent go there. Since I somehow synchronized with their schedule, we began to get to know each other and sometimes I make small conversation with them while resting.

Since I was quite familiar with them now, I noticed that their bodies are becoming huge and in just a few weeks, I observed the difference is becoming more and more visible. And with just within two to three months, they somehow developed monstrous muscles that are huge and solid in size.

Secret of their Muscles

Monstrous Bodies of Bodybuilders

Since I noticed how fast they become monsters in the gym, I became curious and since we quite know each other by now, I asked them their secret. Well, the answer is quite obvious; they were taking steroids to help them increase their mass and muscle size faster.

As a person that has no interest in steroid, I was lacking the knowledge how it works and my mind is already set that it is bad for the body. Since it is usually banned in competitive sports and tons of reports regarding the negative impact of it on users, it clouded my judgment that steroid is illegal and dangerous to use.

The Dianabol

Well since I started asking them questions, I was amazed how informative they are. They lecture me regarding the subject of using a steroid. As of now the product they currently using is called Dianabol. According to them, it is the most famous brand of steroid which is mostly used by bodybuilders whose goal is to become huge and bulkier. Also, Dianabol enables the body to develop the muscle and lose fat faster which I can confirm since I witness their change before when they joined the gym.

Based on their experience, they felt that the product gave them an increase in the energy level and made them stronger. It also enhances their overall performance in the gym and increased their endurance since they can prolong heavy lifting more than usual.

Legality and Cost

As a cynical man, I popped the question whether it is legal or not. Well, they said that it is legal since it is approved by the FDA. But a prescription from a licensed doctor is required to be able to buy such product. It also comes from two forms such as injection through the buttocks and tablets that can consume orally.

 It is also not that expensive since there are variants of the product but they also informed me that there are also lots of fakes. The price of pure raw Dianabol is probably much expensive than the rest due to its potency. Also, fake products are rampant because it is being supplied by the black market which can be dangerous since its content is unregulated.

We also talked about the side effects. They advise me that, as long you follow the correct dosage and duration of taking it, there is a slim chance any side effects to develop. Even so with their assurance and physical proof of their achievements, I was not interested in using one. I was satisfied with my average built and healthy body. But for bodybuilders like them, I understand the reason of using it to beef up themselves.

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