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Oxandrolone 10mg Tablets – Best To Buy

Oxandroloneoral tablets are most popular and one of the favourite anabolic steroid among both male and female body builders and athletes. Its mild side effects and producing expected results with the safe usage makes Anavar/Oxandrolone a top rated drug among the reviewers too.

Reasons for best to buy

It is an excellent drug for fat burning and increasing anabolism in body thus getting rid of unwanted fat. Anavar/ Oxandrolone provides more oxygen transport to muscles, heart and lungs while workouts and it helps in increasing stamina and cardiovascular endurance by giving more strength to muscle. The performance boosting effect in both men and women is proven with good results hence making it frequently used by athletes in recommended dosages. Unlike other steroids, it reduces stress, hypertension and even cholesterol.

Oxandrolone 10mg Tablets

Oxandrolone 10mg tablets are used as a supplemental therapy for the improving the weight loss condition while chronic infections, surgeries, HIV or cancer treatments or in patients who could not gain weight.It is also used to relieve orthopaedic pain and discomfort.

The price of the Oxandrolone 10mg tablets vary with all online vendors. The cost of each tablet ranges from $2 to $2.50 with them. Though it may be costly for long cycles as it is high quality medical grade fitness drug, patients can use the generic versions as generic brands are available in market.

Dosage and Cylces

Oxandrolone is very safe for women but in recommended dosage.They should use only up to 10 – 15 mg per day and duration maximum up to 6 weeks. At least 4 weeks break (stop using Oxandrolone) after 6 weeks cycle needs to be provided to start another cycle. The dose maximum can go up to 20 mg but not more than that to avoid most serious side effects. Still 20 mg also show some virilisation symptoms. Sometimes it can be stacked up with Clen to get effective cutting results.

In men initial dosage would be 30mg and slowly it can be consumed maximum up to 100mg per day to avoid adverse effects. The cycle will be same in men and women i.e 4-6 weeks. For professional athletes the suggested dose would be 50mg without any side effects. The maximum cycle for both men and women should not exceed 16 weeks per year.

It is better to take the medicine in morning as it can cause sleep issues when taken in night.

Side effects

The women body builders may experience few of them like deepening of voice, increase in body hair and clitoral enlargement. Men also experience some side effects upon abuse of the drug like acne and baldness. Nausea, vomiting, headache, skin colour change, increase or a decrease in sexual interest are some of the common side effects in both. Though the chances of developing these symptoms are very low, doctor needs to be consulted immediately if they persist.

 These side effects are not long lasting but sometimes caused when the safe dosage is maintained and they just stop when the dosage is stopped.

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