The Art of Pearl Extraction

Pearl is one of the most elegant jewellery in the world. The bright radiance and elegance of the pearl ornaments have made it perfect even for wedding celebrations. Moreover, pearls are available in different natural colours for people to appreciate their value even more. These pearls which are the symbol of purity and long-lasting relationship need to be handled with care just like other metals like gold, silver and stones like a diamond. Let us see more in details about how pearls are processed and how well they must be handled.

Pearl ornaments like drop pearl earrings go through a lot of processes before coming to the common market. The pearls must be fished from within the oysters and they must be subjected to proper cleansing and treatment procedures. After that, the pearls are polished well to bring out the beautiful feel they are to offer. Now the pearls are to be strung together in order to obtain the fine craftsmanship and they are often mixed with gold and diamond jewels too.

Art of Pearl Extraction

There are some ways to check the authenticity of the pearls you just bought. It is said that perfectly round pearls are not always to be trusted. Then there the famous tooth test where people take out a pearl and scratch it with their teeth. If they are natural or cultured, they must have a gritty nature. With that, you can somewhat guess about the originality of the pearls. Handling pearl jewellery is a tough job. Periodic care must be taken in order to preserve the nature of the pearl.

So, before putting them away after use, the pearls must be wiped with a soft cloth to remove the dust particles. There must be a special pouch or velvet box kept exclusively for the pearls so that they don’t come into frequent contact with moisture. One important thing to note is that Pearl ornaments must not be used when bathing or showering. The chemical nature of the products might destroy its beauty. Hence take utmost care of your pearl jewels for good long-term use.

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