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The Best Stylish Winter Gear for Kids

As 2018 draws to a close, winter is almost here. Before you know it, the first snowflake has fallen and in no time, half of the world would be colored in white. Winter is a fun season with loads to do, especially outside your home. You can build snowmen, have snowball fights, or simply stay warm and roast marshmallows near a campfire. Your kids will love doing these activities and more during this cold months, but they’re going to need the right gear to do them. And who says the right gear doesn’t have to be stylish. Certain garments are made to be fashionable and functional, and here are a few of them.

Best Stylish Winter Gear for Kids


Legwarmers are coming back, but for kids, the never really left. Colorful, fun, and warm, these nifty accessories have been children’s clothing mainstays since their heyday in the 1980s. Today, they’re grand garments that liven up any child’s outfit, as well as keep the toasty throughout the cold months. Your little ones won’t have to rely on their kids’ rain boots or funky socks to add some color to their wardrobe. Their legwarmers can just as easily add some pizzazz. There’s even a bevy of types to choose from, such as the classically striped variation, the polka-dotted print, or other designs that your kids will love warming up their little legs.

Kids’ Rain Boots

Let’s start with kid’s rain boots. At first glance, you might think that this rubbery pair of footwear might not be warm enough or even stylish enough for the winter seasons, but you’re wrong. With the right pair of kids rain boots, your little ones’ feet and legs are sure to be toasty and cozy all the way through.  In fact, the best rain boots for toddlers even come with multiple accessories that add to the drying and warming of their feet, like an above-knee gaiter. And despite its industrial looks, the right colored pair, especially with cute and adorable designs printed on them, will make for some seriously stylish winter footwear for kids.

Puffer Jackets

Another classic that’s becoming a trend nowadays is a puffer jacket. In the late 80s and 90s, puffer jackets were all the rage with teenagers, but now, a younger crowd is starting to look great with them as well. Apart from being extremely stylish nowadays, puffer jackets keep bodies warmer than almost any other garment. A lot of them are substantially padded, adding to the cozy and toasty factors even more. And even when your kids want to run around and play in the snow, you can still get them the thinner jackets so they’ll still have all the agency to move.

Holiday Sweaters

What’s winter without a good holiday sweater? A laughing Santa Clause, Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer’s blinking nose, or the classic dancing snowmen. There’s an infinite amount of designs that you can choose to buy for your kid. Holiday sweaters are often the perfect gift to give, but more so than that, they’re the best to layer up your outfits during this cold season. They add character, can induce a few laughs, and still keep people from freezing to death. Your kids will love the cartoon-character ones, particularly with blinking light features. or the classic sweaters with Santa Claus on them.

Mini Trench Coats

A trench coat is arguably the most fashionable piece for any wardrobe, even your kids’. The piece adds a bit of mystery and coolness to your overall aura, while for your kids, it simply keeps them warm and cozy. The best part about a trench coat is that they virtually go with everything, from your little ones’ most colorful legwarmers to the best rain boots for kids that money can buy. You can help your child assemble any outfit and a nice trench coat will still be that extra layer that complete the whole look. On their part, they’ll sure to love looking and feeling grown up while wearing the garment.

Stylized Gloves

Getting frostbitten is the worst any child has to go through during the winter months. They make their hands cold, stiff, and at times, extremely painful. But what is there to do to avoid it? For the feet, there are your kids’ rain boots, but for their hands? Gloves, of course! Forget about mittens, they’re so last century! For 2018 and beyond, it’s all about a nice pair of stylized gloves. They can be striped, polka-dotted, checkered, and more! Get a pair that fits your little ones’ style and personality and they’re sure to love it! The best part is arguably their price, as gloves are usually very inexpensive!

Knitted Scarves

Winter is all about the knit, particularly the scarves. More of than not, during the cold seasons, the thicker the knitted scarf a kid wears, the better. Although they shouldn’t be too thick that they literally become a huge weight on their shoulders and they’re not able to play around in the snow. Just the right size and thickness are enough for a good scarf to warm your child’s neck. You can either knit one yourself or buy from the store, either way, they’re both inexpensive choices. And whatever they do, always ensure that your kids do wear them outside while it’s snowing, else you might find that a snowman has stolen it from them and they’re left feeling cold.

Animal Onesies

Winter isn’t only cold on the outside, but inside as well. If your home doesn’t have a fireplace and the heating system isn’t enough, then get your kids a onesie. Certain onesies are actually for big kids, not just the babies. In fact, there’s even a good number of adults that wear onesies from time to time. The kind often worn are the ones that are made to look like animals and are often used as costumes. But for the winter, however, the can pretty and practical as they can help your little ones stay cozy and toasty inside the house. If the weather is too hard for a day of playing outside, these animal onesies can both amp up the fun and the warmth inside your home.

There are loads of fun garments your kids can choose from to help them keep warm in the winter. From kids’ rain boots and legwarmers to puffer jackets and even animal onesies. Winter is a fashionable season, especially for your kids, but it can still be cozy and comfortable one as well.

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