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The Best Travel Tips Blogs to Read when Traveling

Traveling is many things to many people. For some, it’s a necessity, one to earn a living. For others, it’s a pastime, one that helps rejuvenate the mind and body from the hassles of everyday life. For a good few, however, it’s their way of life. Leading a nomadic lifestyle is natural to them, and despite having grown up in a particular place, they themselves see the entire world as their home base. It’s easy to think that, since traveling is common, that’s doing so is a walk in the park. Maybe for some, but for most, traveling consists of knowing a few tips and tricks in order to have the best trip.

Fortunately, a lot of the nomadic people whose lives center around travel share their wisdom and experience through their blogs. Their travel tips blog reflect how they themselves travel and how you can do it your own way too. Here is a list of them.

Best Travel Tips Blogs

Ordinary Traveler

Ordinary Traveler is one of the most quintessential travel tips blogs you can read online. Run by Christy, a travel photographer, and her partner Scott, who works for a  San Diego-based computer software company, the couple chronicles their travels with tips and tricks on what do in certain regions and countries. The label themselves as “ordinary travelers” as they’ve confessed that they’re not of the nomadic sort that most travel bloggers are, but rather just your ordinary couple who’d love to travel from time to time. They still have their home base in San Diego, but when they get the time and opportunity, they travel to the four corners of the planet.

The Poor Traveler

Even just by their name, you can already tell that this blog caters to a certain niche. Yoshke Dimen and Vins Carlos are the founders of The Poor Traveler, an online guide to traveling to various countries and continents within certain budgets. They share that their primary audience 21-45-year-old employees who, when they travel, always put up a budget. This particular travel tips blog helps first-time travelers to set up a budget and finding ways in which to adhere to it while still enjoying the best sights and experiences of the places to visit. Beyond this, they also share some helpful instructions on how to get visas from certain countries and how to behave when going through Customs.

Mister Hint

Mister Hint encompasses all the needs of traveling. They’ve listed down countless tips when traveling to a variety of countries, such as Japan, Italy, Costa Rica, and more. Beyond that, they also help you list down the best items to pack, the right snacks to take on a trip, or even what credit card have the best travel rewards. Anything under the sun the relates to traveling, this travel tips blog touches upon. If you have any question regarding your next trip, more often than not, you’ll find the answer on this website!

Solitary Wanderer

For all you independent women (and maybe a few men) out there who’d love to go and see the world, this blog is for you! Solitary Wanderer is a personal travel blog run by Aleah Taboclaon, in which she shares her solo adventures across the globe. Spain, Bhutan, Mexico and more. She also shares the various destinations in her home country of the Philippines. With her expert photography skills, her posts are always aided by stunning imagery of all the place she’s visited.

The Blonde Abroad

California girl Kiki is the Blonde Abroad, a solo female traveler who’s been to over 70 countries since she started her nomadic lifestyle back in 2011. Today, she’s an award-winning blogger with over 500,000 followers on Instagram alone. In her blog, she shares all the unique qualities of all the countries she’s visited and what they’re the best for. In terms of beaches, for example, she lists down countries like Costa Rica, Indonesia, and Greece as the go-to places. While for shopping, she cites Tokyo, Italy, and Morocco as the best countries for such. And speaking of shopping, she also shares her travel essentials and where to buy them on the ‘Shopping’ section of her blog.

Tourist 2 Townie

Tourist 2 Townie’s Gareth Leonard has since become more famous since opening his own Youtube channel chronicling his travels a few years ago. However, he’s been running his own blog since the early 2010s. Now, he combines both mediums in creating a virtual space where people can learn how to live locally even while traveling. The name “Tourist 2 Townie” stems from Leonard and his team’s objective in giving travelers a closer look and some helpful tips on how to live like a local in the countries they’ll be visiting. They shed light on hidden gems, the proper ways to behave in certain countries, as well as highlighting their amazing cultures.

There are a lot of travel tips blogs to choose from in order to help you out on your journey to the world. But these ones contain certain narratives and answer specific needs or inquiries you might face on your trips. Whichever you choose to read and whatever tips you choose to follow, traveling the world is an experience you will never forget!

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