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The Dangers of Black Market Steroids

A lot of men nowadays are taking steroids in order to help them increase their muscle mass and get bulky. Taking these kinds of drugs needs a great understanding since it is also a risk that you yourself will take.

There are a lot of people who take advantage of the fact that steroids are wants, not needs. They could rip you off by selling you cheap “steroids” but in reality, they sold you fake ones that could be a great danger to your health. You must know first who you are buying from and if it is approved. Before buying, you have to know what they could do to your body and whether they are safe. Knowing first the difference between real steroids and steroid alternatives is a first.

Dangers of Black Market Steroids

How to know if what you bought is a Legit Steroid?

  • Real steroids are typically those that are prescribed by a doctor and whose use is carefully monitored by the doctor to ensure safety.
  • Real steroids are available in over 24 brand names and in dozens of generic forms today and are mostly used or commonly recommended in the treatment of:
  • Muscle-wasting syndrome, also known as cachexia, which is commonly experienced by individuals diagnosed with cancer, HIV and/or AIDS
  • Hypogonadism
  • Delayed puberty in males

Because of the popularity of steroids, there are counterfeits on the black market that are available. But you must be fully aware that they are dangerous.

Dangers of Black Market Steroids

Black market steroids are often produced quickly and cheaply resulting in an inferior product. As they are produced in basement laboratories or other non-sterile environments, there is a high risk for outside contamination. Some dealers may intentionally cut or mix steroids with other substances such as vegetable oil which can be particularly dangerous if injected. Some steroids sold illegally were originally made for animals, and, while these drugs are made in a lab setting, they have lower quality standards than steroids meant for humans.

Even when steroids that haven’t been tampered with are acquired, there is a high risk for abuse without a doctor’s supervision. Most people that take steroids illegally are bodybuilders or athletes that are pushing their bodies to the limit. These men and women often take a much higher dose than is needed to achieve their goal. Most athletes use unreliable hearsay and word of mouth to determine doses, since they cannot consult a doctor about how to properly use illegal steroids.

Side Effects of Counterfeit Steroids:

Taking large amounts of steroids can lead to the following:

  • Cancer
  • Kidney disease
  • Liver disease
  • Suicide due to withdrawal depression
  • Weakened cardiovascular system leading to heart attack or coronary heart disease

Due to the competitive nature of athletic competition people who use steroids often increase the dose they are taking whether they need to or not, as they believe they will get more performance out of the drug. Counterfeit steroids can also vary in content and quality, thus users may take more than they think they are. If steroids are injected there is the risk of contracting HIV, Hepatitis B or Hepatitis C. Anabolic steroids have worse side effects for women and can cause the following:

  • Overactive body hair growth
  • Baldness
  • Acne
  • Reproductive problems

In men excess steroids are converted to estrogens, causing the following:

  • Sexual performance issues
  • Shrinking of the testicles
  • Enlarged breasts

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