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Traveling Tips for Packing Shoes for Toddlers

One of the most fun when planning for a trip is picking out what to wear. You might be going to a place that’s completely different to where you live, which means you get to wear the clothes you often don’t get to. You might also get to buy clothes that you normally wouldn’t wear in your own home. Similarly, you have to be as meticulous in packing for your kids. The effects of your trip might be extremely different on them compared to you. If you’re going to a cold climate, they’ll get colder faster than you, and if you go to a place with tropical weather, they’ll sweat more than you will.

This predicament is most complicated when it comes to shoes. Fortunately, there are a few travel tips for packing shoes for your little ones and here are some of them.

Traveling Tips for Packing Shoes for Toddlers

Understand the Place First

            First things first, understand the destination you and your family are visiting. This will set the tone for your packing needs. If the place is hot and tropical, sandals and flip-flops are best to bring. But if it’s cold and wintry, boots are the way to go. It’s also important to note the kind of culture the place has. If it’s one that is more sophisticated and fashion-forward, maybe packing some leather shoes for your toddlers might not be a bad idea. Albeit this isn’t as important as climate-ready footwear, it’s always a good idea to make animpression wherever you go.

Pack At Least Three Pairs

            Bring a spare for your spare. You never really know what might transpire during your trip, especially when children are involved. You might think bringing two will be enough, but three might be a bit wiser. If your kids wear out their shoes way before the trip ends, they’ll have another pair waiting for them. But if they suddenly get into an accident and ruin that pair, more extra shoes will save the day. At its bare minimum, three pairs might be enough preparation for any sort of incident your and your little one might encounter.

Waterproof Shoes are a Must

            Whether it’s a cold climate or tropical weather where you’re going to, waterproof shoes are always a good idea. There are so many ways your kid can get wet, from sudden rainfall, street puddles, running through fountains, and more. In fact, beyond just regular waterproof, easy-drying shoes, kids rain boots might be a better option. The rubber material will not only safeguard your children’s feet, but any dirt can easily come off on them. Although they’re quite substantial in size that it might make for a packing problem, it’s a whole lot easier than bringing along multiple pairs of shoes.

Bring Along Slippers Too

            Once you’ve packed in all your kids’ shoes, don’t forget to bring along some slippers too. For the night time, when the little ones are often too excited to sleep, slippers can help keep their feet clean and dirt-free. Subsequently, they’ll also keep them comfortable. Your kids wouldn’t want to have their feet scrunched up in shoes all day, so packing some slippers will be a huge relief for them.

Pack as Many Socks as You Can

            Want your kids to stay warm during the night? Pack as many socks as you can. You can never have too many socks for your trip, especially if your destination is of the colder variety. Socks will keep your little ones’ feet warm and toasty wherever they go. And when they take their shoes off to sleep at night, they’ll still be very comfortable. Furthermore, socks help avoid unwanted smells to from in your kids’ feet, so your nose will thank you for them as well.

            Packing for your kids for a holiday trip is easy peasy as long as you follow these tips. Your vacation is bound to be better, more relaxing, and definitely more fun once you do. Take away all the stress off your little ones’ footwear needs and see that things don’t have to be as complicated as they seem.

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